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June 2015
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librarianguish [userpic]
Hipster glamping

Hey look!  We don't have a very big trailer so we have two sticks for our lights!

And I'm dancing around in a skirt!

Hipster guitar!


Just a reminder kiddies - CAMPING NOT GLAMPING.



I like how they appear to be camping at the top of a perfectly green manicured lawn-covered hill. Are they camping on a golf course?

I bet they are on a golf course. She's about to get hit by a ball! Which reminds me, we went out for pizza last week and saw THE funniest golf game on the TV! This golfer hits his ball and the ball bounces off a sprinkler head (what are the odds?!) and ends up in the long grass in a ditch. The golfer takes some time finding his ball and then he hits it. It flies through some trees and hits a branch on the very last tree and bounces into a pond! The next day we saw more golf on TV and a golfer hits his ball and it lands in the crook of a tree! He gets it out and hits it again and it lands in a pond. He goes into the pond and finds the ball and hits it and it lands in some tall grass! It was like the week of golf bloopers!!

It does not look like a very good camping spot at all. Too exposed! What if there is lightning? What if it's hot and sunny all day?