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June 2015
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librarianguish [userpic]

First, here's a video of a friend singing a great song.  She came up in a FB thread where somebody feigned sadness that I had another Canadian friend (or two).  Haha.  I met Amy Honey in the earlier days of my online activity, when I was active on the sites Mog and Multiply.  Mog started as a music focused blogging/social site, but sadly morphed into a less social music streaming service.  I think.  A bunch of us that were active there moved over to Multiply, which was great but doesn't exist at all anymore!

I did have the opportunity to meet Amy in person a couple of times, when she came down from Vancouver to  play shows.  The first time I met her also happened to be a strange "date" I had with a guy I met during my very brief stint using dating sites.  SCARY!  He was a bit of a twat, though it was a fun evening of music.  Later I ended up friending him on Facebook, and he got his shit squared away with the mother of his kid and now he's more normal.  Whew.  Anyhow, I love Amy's music.  She sings about things like being a modern pioneer, and Farley Mowat.  She moved to Nova Scotia, so I don't know that I'll ever see her again in person.  Though I wouldn't mind a trip to that beautiful part of the world!

Next, here's a fun Halloween gif I ran across on Tumblr.  Genius!


That's about it for now.  I'm in a pretty good mood tonight.  I quit both of the FB groups I was ranting about last night, so from here out my news feed won't be full of morons on the verge of poisoning themselves or buying money pit trailers.


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It definitely helps getting rid of the ones who bug you. I feel so much better after purging all the football and christian cultists. The days of really getting to know people on the internet seem to be over. You were the last real one. I did recently meet two guys (cousins) from Anacortes who turned out to be great fun and interesting fellows and they both have birthdays in the same week I do! We hung out one night last weekend and had a great time.

I love that TV gif! Cute!

I still haven't gotten rid of a bunch of friends there that I should, but I hardly see their stuff because FB seems to have decided I don't need to see it, probably because we never comment on each other's stuff.

The good social aspects of the web seem to have passed, I agree. I'm so glad I got a husband and a best friend out of it!