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Bibliomancy and beyond...

subter archives

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Welcome to my subter.com archives.

I've been writing for subter since its inception in 2005. We're a rag-tag collection of writers from around the world, sharing our take on things each month.

The first year I wrote an entirely literary based column called Bibliomancy. The second year I widened my scope, and started writing articles on a variety of subjects. After a short hiatus while our editor recovered from an automobile accident, we re-emerged a year ago as a leaner, sleaker, and more professional e-zine. We've just launched Volume Two, and are looking forward to bringing you more fine reading. With the launch of Volume Two, I've added a monthly column called Judging a Book By Its Cover, a humorous look at the artwork that graces the books we love so much.

I've collected all of my articles here for posterity...enjoy!